Birthday Date.

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Thursday, 30 January 2014

I haven't been able to truly appreciate my birthday for several years.. call it a birthday rut. But then comes along miss Sandy Nguyen. Ever since she started working at Joeys alongside me we became great friends, and we shared the same birthday. She offered to take us out for our birthday. It was amazing. After class we met up, and watched American Hustle. I appreciate that she enjoyed the film, and wasn't picky. We proceeded to Bannock. I always wanted to go to Bannock, but never had a chance to, the staff was nice, and the food was better. We then went to Joeys, where I surprised her with a birthday cake I personally made, solely due to the fact that I have no cue where to get birthday cakes. She loved it, even Mike Kowbel, my head chef, loved it. Talk about my ego hahaha. Then Sandy and I, alongside my boy MANNY, stayed for drinks, in which Kowbel paid for half. Sandy was too drunk to know this but i paid for the rest. I paid for the movies and the dinner so had she known i paid for drinks she wouldve gotten pissed. Manny helped me bring her home... she threw up on my chef coat-__-... but all in all a very great day. End Note: THANKS SANDY

Unbearable lightness of being

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Having been able to take this book in it shed a lot of light on how I feel.. About life.. About my current situation. It helped shaped my philosophy of love.. I used to be a traditional thinker in terms of relationship.. I still am.. But I see things more in my light.. I have all the tools to work my future
. I just need to put it into action.