On God

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Wednesday, 25 February 2015

She the best, I told you been telling. Shantel came by to "surprise" me, though she needed me to tell her when she could visit. Her cousin also came by, and for life I cant remember her damn name, but she loves my donuts. But she came by , like I thought she would, to drop her present off that is nearly a month overdue. Damn does she kill it yo. second consecutive year that I thought buying her flashy shit would be the shit, and she comes with some creative and personal shit.. Everything was thought of, from the gift bag, t the card, to the contents within the card. she knows me too damn well. Thanks babe. Now I'm drawing plans for a batman canvas to complete the holy trinity.


by Jordan Rey Araneta on Monday, 16 February 2015

Valentines day was this weekend. At first i went with my sister to her work in Scarborough, and took her car. headed downtown to surprise shantel. It was hard because i had no reason to believe she was home or if my plan would work.. good thing it went off without a hitch. I bought her and her mom some flowers. Talking to mama enriquez was funny while shantel got changed. Really tried to make a good impression on her mom. I care a lot about Shantel and i wanted her moms to know that. So we went to yonge and eglinton to watch shades of grey, but ate first at pickle barrel. Shades was pretty boring. Shantel was going thru some issues with her cousin so i dropped her off back home and headed home myself. Spent the night with Ian and Cody watching the All Star game.


by Jordan Rey Araneta on Thursday, 12 February 2015

The end result of my birthday is the two month withdrawal from life. Except for ball... ball is my only medicine.

Show Me A Good Time

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Sunday, 1 February 2015

My all time favourite Drake song is the best description of what went down Friday night for Sandy and my birthday celebration.

"I live for the nights that I cant remember, with the people that I wont forget/ Spending all this money I just worked my ass off for doing things that I wont regret"

Everything was perfect, to a tee. Great people, great times, all forgotten haha. I wanna thank everyone who came.  This is all that I remember from the experience. The booth was dope and everyone was live. Chow and I hit the dance floor. Apparently I saw Gabs there, who was a girl I knew from time ago, and we hit it off that night. I met a girl named Jenny there as well. Then the booth payment debacle was a turn for the worst, but you live with these mistakes and dont let it hinder your time. I wanna say congratulations to Sandy, thank you and I apologize for getting highly angry and I hate the fact that you had to calm me down. Ive never seen you like that before, mostly because you have never seen me like that before. I just saw red at that time, and everyone saw it.