Lola / Friendship struggles

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Thursday, 27 February 2014

This was a break from all the personal issues and moving issues this week. Sandy and I went for lunch at Lolas Kitchen. It was an awesome vegan/vegetarian mexicana spot. Our second restaurant on Church, but both were great. I told her about the ongoing rumours about us at work, and we laughed about it. Great we are on the same path. I got her a FRIENDS tote bag that she once told me she would like to have. Kind of a reciprocity gift for the Ducky Tie from HIMYM. She left and I went to wait for Jasmin to get a chair from her. i went to eatons centre and grabbed a copy of WOLF. Finally got to work and allt he guys were in the backroom, and they did the usual: talk about my clothes, and then egg me on about the girls i am "seeing". Long but funny day.

We Are Winter

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Sunday, 23 February 2014

Its crazy how dedicated Canadians are to our country, I had work at 530 on a sunday, which i never work, for a surprise breakfast opening for the Sochi finals for hockey. It was tough because i was KIIINDA drunk the night before, me chow, reid, sandy and hammer stayed for drinks. But i can handle waking up easily. Surprisingly fun shift, filled with patriotism, fun coworkers and some more drinking on the job.

Sky Zone

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I may not be as physically active as....Well Ive never really been physically active. Even as a dancer I was only able to perform these routines off sugar highs and pho. But Trampolining is my zen.


by Jordan Rey Araneta

Was trying to find a photoset from Justins old blog, but could only find like two of his many fickrs. Found these gems though

Never Lonely.

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Thursday, 13 February 2014

This will be the first Valentines Day I will be single since charmaine and I split. Well actually prior to that Hannah and I were on and off but im not sure if it was longer than that. It was weird, I mean i dont usually go out for valentines day, so I hadnt planned anything. I decided to be a bit spontaneous. So i decided to buy Shantel something. She had given me something for my birthday that i really appreciated, so it only made sense. I got her the best bead Swarovski had in their charm bracelet line since they will soon be discontinuing the items. To my surprise, someone also had something in mind for me. Though it wasnt necessarily for Valentines day(due to the fact that she has a boyfriend), Sandy took what she learned on my birthday about how much i love HIMYM and bought me the ducky tie worn by Barney. What a great surprise, so I am planning on repaying the favour.I shope she likes... Outfit again was on point lol. Wore Dad's blue shirt and Papa's pants.

Hair of the Dog

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Sunday, 9 February 2014

I finished work really fucking early, but it was by choice because i was going to go to brunch. I went to work 2 hours early and actually finished within two hours, effectively negativing even coming in early. Sandy and I found a great place to go to brunch called Hair of the Dog. The atmosphere was great, and the menus were pretty funny. the menu pages said Come,Sit,Stay respectively. I regret getting the grilled cheese not because it wasnt bomb, but the fact that the whole week ive been making grilled cheeses at home, but nonetheless great food. I really liked my outfit today, wish i got a better picture of it though. PS starting to use xlarge images instead of large.

ROM with the bae,

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Had to do some project for World Religions. Shantel, Jamie, Nikita, and I went together and got our shit done. Jamie and Nikita had to go but Shantel and I decided to stick around, finish up week 14s projects and look at more shit. I dont get to hang out with Shantel a lot, so I take advantage of whenever she wants to.