Health Benefits

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Sunday, 26 July 2015

Today was weird lol. With nothing to do I got a strange call from Cody. Wasnt sure why he called but I picked up.  He asked if I want to go to Niagara and do an escape room. I was down so Him, Dan and I went to Niagara, only to not be able to do a room lol. So we head back and go to an escape room with aaron and larry, which was probably the most impresssive escape room ive done, and was actually 5 minutes away from escaping.

Happy Birthday Stephanie

by Jordan Rey Araneta

This has to be the most Ive seen Aranetas in one month, We went out to celebrate Stephs birthday, it was a great day to hang out and just catch up.. Steph is a great kid, We dont talk a lot and we did recently and it really opened me up to who she is.

Baby Showers! QUICKFIRE

by Jordan Rey Araneta

Lots of things, havent had time to update, so Im updating now. Had a couple baby showers to go to, and lots of great pictures to go with.

All in

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Been busy, what can I say.  A lot has changed the past few months. Work is getting tougher but the only thing I need is hours. If I'm not getting paid what's the point of working right. But I'm still doing great. Got my first car... Something I had to do now to further my credit and driving history.