January 28th : She Wins

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Blessed. What can I say. I dont think she understands.. She was able to provide me with the two best presents unexpectedly. Last year she surprised me with the frame she made. She hadn't messaged or talked about my birthday beforehand and little did i know, my locker had the blessing of one of my favourite presents Ive ever received.
   She says she got me something this year. Though that was unexpected due to the amount of time weve talked since her birthday, it wasn't what she got me, its what she said. She texted me late at night. I honestly stayed up an hour more just being happy for her being in my life. Everything was perfect for those moments and I immediately forgot about everything else, the negative and positive around her and I. Thank you, I love you.

In The Midst, Its Still January 28th

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Saturday, 24 January 2015

Im having struggles, but no matter what, Im happy. I have a great family, a great base of friends that provide the best support. I said 2014 was a great year, Im using 2015 to catapult everything I learned and capitalize on them. No mistakes from what I thought I can have and achieve and be more realistic. For my birthday Im going to celebrate it with my friends on Friday, family on Wednesday.

I wanna thank a few things. 1. My job, though I wish a few things, there are a few things that make me realize how good of a move coming to Bunas was. 2. My friends have helped me a lot, but no one had been more supportive than Sandy. Thank you, and I know we went through a rough patch, due to misunderstandings but throughout the year weve gotten to know each other youve helped me through so much, and weve done so much together. Im glaad to have you in my life.


by Jordan Rey Araneta on Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Last night was the night of the JOEY's Gala event. Thanks to one mister James Kim, I was the first non-employee to ever attend one, so that was dope. Sandy and I decided to get a hotel so we can head there before and after the Jala. What can I say? It was awesome. Glad having all the fam in one building, and hung out with some of the new bloods. Papa Ron got me some molly but it honestly didnt really kick in.  After the Gala Sandy and I headed to the hotel while everyone else hit the after party, only because we had work. Well I ended up calling in, but nonetheless.


by Jordan Rey Araneta on Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 was... a premium year. It looks to me like the start of my uphill battle to look at my life and actually do something. Theres one problem I have. I have such a great thing at work, yet Im unsatisfied because of my financial limits. This is ultimately gonna lead to me leaving, I know it. But ill hold onto this for now. I am, and will continue to be someone who is always in their feelings. And I dont intend on learning anything from it. But this is the first time in maybe... 6 years that I have been single for more than a year. Yeah Ive linked myself to other women but nothing successful. I recieved a call from Dad. It was weird. He never talks to me about my relationships. In fact the last two times he was here he met two different girls and didnt bat an eye. he called me and told me to please find a girlfriend.. I dont know why, maybe its his middle aged crisis that wants him to see me in a flourishing relationship . But I have been trying, granted Ive been looking in all the wrong places but Ive been trying. Fact is, Im still quite new at this whole single thing. Ive taken great strides, and I have friends that help boost this. My confidence is at an all time high, which isnt saying much lol. But i wouldnt have been able to pull off the few things Ive done in maybe the last two months a year ago. I was too comfortable. But Dad, I promise you. You will see me in a relationship, youll be there when Im married and have children. 2014 was just the push I needed.

Lets talk about New Years Eve. This is the first time Ive actually done something on new years eve. I chose the perfect place to be. I spent it with Chow and his family, and it was great, I know my mom was sad that i wasnt with her, like always, but i promised her that i would call her on the second of 2015. To be honest I was falling in love with all of Chow's relatives, but I knew my boundaries. Nonetheless I was able to have a great amount of fun with Chow, and I know he had a great time too. Chow is actually a pivotal person of last year. He pushed my boundaries, I appreciated it. He made me comfortable with who I am, which im in debt to him for. What do you say Chow, how bout you let me take care of your sister as a way of showing my appreciation lmao.