My problem with sleep

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Friday, 22 July 2011

As much as i would like to stay up some nights i can't. and it sucks. I mean its great im getting sleep but its ridiculous sometimes when some people need me. But theres only a few certain reasons im like this. I live in the damn basement, and the only place i get signal is this place near the place i rest my head at night, so i can only stay there. Im perfectly fine if im sitting and talking but that can't be done. Second is i cant multitask. If im on the phone and doing something else, my focus will hardly be on the phone. terrible. Clearly this sleeping issue is a phone concern but it kinda sucks. I miss my old phone where i can use my bluetooth headset and walk around freely. but i have a new phone and i let charmaines brother borrow my bluetooth. this is gay. I really wanna be able to stay up longer, i try hard. but i cant help giving in to the sleep when im in a restful position. im gonaa end this with a bolded, all lower caps'd "fuck" because its not a big concern but it still pisses me off sometimes, like today. fuck

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