Lola / Friendship struggles

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Thursday, 27 February 2014

This was a break from all the personal issues and moving issues this week. Sandy and I went for lunch at Lolas Kitchen. It was an awesome vegan/vegetarian mexicana spot. Our second restaurant on Church, but both were great. I told her about the ongoing rumours about us at work, and we laughed about it. Great we are on the same path. I got her a FRIENDS tote bag that she once told me she would like to have. Kind of a reciprocity gift for the Ducky Tie from HIMYM. She left and I went to wait for Jasmin to get a chair from her. i went to eatons centre and grabbed a copy of WOLF. Finally got to work and allt he guys were in the backroom, and they did the usual: talk about my clothes, and then egg me on about the girls i am "seeing". Long but funny day.

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