A Day

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Saturday, 26 April 2014

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Baby, when you see this know that no emoticon explains what i feel. You make me think that i can do better. Theres a million things i wanna say to you, but i never have to the time to finish. Sometimes i dont feel like call you babe, or baby, because those names dont express how i feel. I would like to call you a certain name that you would never know because its greek mythology and i doubt i would ever be caught calling you it. just know that that certain name embodies how i feel. You make me crazy. You make me wanna stab a person! You make me wanna Bus 3 hours every morning, just to go to your house, knock on your door, and kiss you on the cheek, and leave. Believe me when i say that I never knew what i wanted. I never thought that anything was complete around me. I felt as if everything taht i have is just a crappy version of whatever everyone else. You are the first thing i felt I had that no one else had better. You are like my trophy, the reward i got for the commitment i have to you. I thank God i have you. You make me feel like.. I can beat up any body for you..... even though i would probably die xD. I wouldn't mind... i feel fucking invincible babe. You give me superpowers more powerful than ANY OF THE SUPERHEROES YOU FELL ASLEEP WATCHING! :) just wanna say thank you. You changed my life Love, Your boyfriend.

by lopezzz on 9 May 2014 at 19:31. #

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