Bag a White Bitch

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Thursday, 22 May 2014

Today was a day off from work, which doesnt inevitably mean ill be not at work haha. I went to Vaughan mills with the sister for a bit to check some shit out. Afterwards I went to Yorkville to go to Brooks Brother`s opening, where Kevin gardiner works, we went through a tour and I got fitted.. an amazing but expensive endeavour. I loved it. Excited to get my shirt, hopefully before graduation. Went to work to celebrated Josey`s birthday. Pretty fun and I believe her friend was tryna get at me. She kept whispering in my ear and holding my arm.. her legs though ....dear GOD.


Baby, when you see this know that no emoticon explains what i feel. You make me think that i can do better. Theres a million things i wanna say to you, but i never have to the time to finish. Sometimes i dont feel like call you babe, or baby, because those names dont express how i feel. I would like to call you a certain name that you would never know because its greek mythology and i doubt i would ever be caught calling you it. just know that that certain name embodies how i feel. You make me crazy. You make me wanna stab a person! You make me wanna Bus 3 hours every morning, just to go to your house, knock on your door, and kiss you on the cheek, and leave. Believe me when i say that I never knew what i wanted. I never thought that anything was complete around me. I felt as if everything taht i have is just a crappy version of whatever everyone else. You are the first thing i felt I had that no one else had better. You are like my trophy, the reward i got for the commitment i have to you. I thank God i have you. You make me feel like.. I can beat up any body for you..... even though i would probably die xD. I wouldn't mind... i feel fucking invincible babe. You give me superpowers more powerful than ANY OF THE SUPERHEROES YOU FELL ASLEEP WATCHING! :) just wanna say thank you. You changed my life Love, Your boyfriend.

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