Break For Reflection

by Jordan Rey Araneta on Thursday, 2 October 2014

This will go against what I wanted in this blog, which is voice my personal feelings, because in ten years when i look back I want to see a general view of my life, not the nitty gritty. But at this time, Ive been wrestling with this for a while and Something needs to be said, if its not towards the parties involved, it has to be said somewhere. I have chosen here because... Well yes I do want to tell you two, but I do not posses the abilities to voice them.. So if by chance your eyes come across this on my blog, which i doubt anyone actually will go through the hassle of finding the link and reading it, Know that this is how I feel Whole-Heartedly.
To the  Beautiful Woman In My Life

Dear Shantel,
       My best friend, the one I know feels the same way i feel. Ill always be here for you to love and protect you. Nothing makes me feel better than texting you at night. The night i called you and I was admittedly drunk, but you said you loved me meant the world to me. Shantel, whenever you are ready to be my wife let me know, because I want to be there for you.. All the shit that you go through, even if youre the bitch that starts it, Im here for you babe. I wish you saw me as more, but i wil never be mad at you for not seeing it. I just wish you would include me in you life more.. Do i not click with yur friends... Hey no doubt i would think at least a few of your friends are fuck boys but whos gonna be loved by all and love all? No one... I wish we were still in school so i can still see you every day of the week. I never get to really say close shit to you, but as of late we have been and ive been loving it. Take that chance with me Shantel.

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